4 Immunity Boosting Juices to Keep Sickness Away

Your immune system is responsible for figuring out which cells do, and which don’t belong in your body. It is constantly active and as a result, you need to nourish it with all the right vitamins and minerals. You can give your body’s immune system a boost with a delicious and nutrient-packed juice each morning.

Here are 4 delicious juices to make for an immune boost:

Apple, Orange, and Carrot

The perfect combination of sweet and tart, these three ingredients offer the body a great dose of folic acid, potassium, and vitamins A, B6 and C, to help fight infections.

 Grapefruit and Orange

It’s well-known that citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, and the C vitamin is integral to the immune system. Additionally, these citrus gems also give the body a good hit of folic acid, zinc, and vitamins A and B6.

Mango and Strawberry

This is a combination that’s perfect for older adults as it contains a great amount of vitamin E from the mango and vitamin C from the strawberries. These vitamins work together to boost the immune system. An added bonus is the folate, iron and vitamin A.

Tomato Juice

Packed with folate, tomatoes are the perfect ingredient for lowering the risk of infection. However, it’s best to make your own to ensure you eliminate all the additives in store-bought juice. Additionally, tomatoes offer a good dose of vitamins A and C plus iron.

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