5 Energy Rich Food That You Should Be Eating Daily

 Eating a rich-balanced diet gives us an instant boost. However, not all types of food provide us energy in the same capacity. We all know that many energy-rich foods are easily available to us. Here are some the energy-rich food that you can eat daily at home.


Unsweetened Greek yogurt is a storehouse of protein and nutrients. Yoghurt is as old as mankind and has been accepted for having high probiotics. It helps to boosts immune system and repairs the damaging effect of antibiotics. Yoghurt can be topped with fruits like blueberry, flaxseed or walnut for breakfast. A mixture of yogurt and honey is a perfect dessert.


Spinach is a good source of folate and omega 3 acids from a plant. This plan based omega 3 helps to reduce the risk of strokes, osteoporosis and other heart-related diseases. Folate helps to increase blood flow to some certain part of the body. Spinach is a muscle builder. Spinach salads with scrambled eggs make great tasting meal.


Walnuts can be eaten as a snack while sitting over a movie. It is rich in omega -3 fatty acids and also has some anti-inflammatory polyphenols. It is suitable as post-workout snack, it helps to rebuild and repair muscles. It can be eaten alone or combine with other nuts for a fuller effect.

Black Beans

All beans are rich in protein but black beans are peculiar. It contains anthocyanins compounds which boost the brain power. It is also free of saturated fat and loaded with fiber. It can be mixed with kidney beans for a great protein-packed meal.



Oat is the powerhouse of fiber. Although loaded with carbs, but the high fiber contents slow the release of those sugars. The soluble fiber in oat is effective in the treatment of heart diseases. Sprinkle some oats over salad or cereal for a great meal. It can be mixed with yogurt also.

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