5 Foods and Beverages to Avoid at Work

If you’re watching your diet and health, it’s important to prepare yourself for any occasion. Work doesn’t have to be an exception. It’s not impossible to resist all those snack options or temptations. If you know what food options to choose, your mission of avoiding unhealthy food will be trouble-free.

Popcorn from Microwave

Popcorn can be healthy, but microwaving it gets rid of all the benefits. When you add butter and many fat-rich seasonings problems appear. It’s definitely not a healthy-diet friendly choice.


This is the worst thing you can put in your body at any point of the day. They’re full of carbohydrates, with no minerals and vitamins whatsoever. Your body will feel deprived and hungry very soon.


Loaded with sugar and fat, donuts are just bad news. It’s okay to enjoy them every once in a while, but not that often. If a coworker is offering you his crispy chocolate fudge donut, be polite and say no. There are much better options, anyway.


It seems like a container of yogurt is a good on-the-go snack. But, the next time you feel like buying one, make sure to read the label first. It can be filled with sugar without you even realizing it.


If you are in need of caffeine, avoid soda. It’s packed with sweeteners that can cause adverse effects on your health. Instead, choose a cup of tea or a healthy snack that will refresh you.


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