5 Foods that are High in Protein  

Protein is one of the essential class of foods that are necessary for the growth and development of the body. Protein is very beneficial to the muscles in several ways.

The deficiency of this macronutrient leads to an impaired body function and other muscle related ailments. Likewise, the excess of it may increase the risk of other sicknesses. The daily value of protein for adult is set at 50g which shows its importance in our daily meal.

There is a long list of food high in protein. In this list are common foods we consume daily. Some are plant-based while others are animal based.


The egg is a good source of healthy animal protein. Eggs are a powerhouse of protein. A single hardboiled egg white is loaded with about 7% DV of protein. A whole egg is filled with about 50g of protein. Egg still retains most of its protein value despite the method of preparation. Whether boiled and fried, the protein content is still intact. It’s advisable to consume boiled egg for higher protein value.


Poultries are a perfect source of loading protein into the body. Turkey and chicken is the widely consumed poultry. A 170g of chicken is packed with 200 calories of protein. Lean chicken breasts are often preferred because of its high protein and low-fat content.


Everyone loves to eat fish. Whether Tuna, Trout or Salmon, fish another source of protein. Canned Tuna has 100 percent protein. 6oz of Tuna Fillet has 170g of protein. Fishes like Tilapia, Mackerel, Snapper, Pollock, Cod and Swordfish as also good sources of protein.


Red meats are usually rich in protein. Beef is no different as it contains a good amount of protein per serving. A T-bone steak contains about 209 percent of daily value of protein. Beef jerky and lamb meat equally have high protein content.


Beans are loaded with high amount of protein. Whether it be white beans, peas, kidney beans, lima beans, pinto or lentils, high amount of protein is certain. A cup of beans has about 200 calories of protein. Beans and legumes are well known to be high in protein.

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