5 Low-Calorie Foods that Keeps You Fit

People that are trying to maintain weight are on a constant search for low-calorie foods. Since portion control is not that easy to accomplish, curbing your indulgence is essential for a healthy weight. Out of a variety of low-calorie foods, we have chosen the top five that will keep you full and fit.


As a great snack and a delicious treat, the watermelon can be the right answer for you. It is refreshing and low in calories. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied and your daily dose of vitamin C will be accomplished.


This nutrient-dense drink can be very beneficial for you. By consuming large amounts of nutrients, you will also be full of fiber. You can experiment and make them with fruits or vegetables.


Rich in protein and healthy fats, this food can keep you full for a long period of time. They are an excellent choice for breakfast or dinner. If you add vegetables to it, you will only boost the effect.


This delicious fruit not only that keeps the doctor away, but it helps with maintaining weight too. Try adding apples to your meals, and you will make them more nutritious, eat less and be more satisfied.


Who would know that 3 cups of popcorn contain only 90 calories? Instead of potato chips, next time you watch a movie or feel like snacking, choose popcorn to satisfy your craving. This way, you won’t have any problems with controlling your weight.

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