5 of the Most Nutritious Vegetables on the Planet

We want to be healthy and for that, we need to consume highly nutritious food.  In order to eat healthily, you need to pick the right vegetables that are packed with nutrition. Here are what we consider to be the most nutritious vegetables in no particular order:


Kale as a vegetable is good for you. It has plenty of fiber and other healthy vitamins that are good for you. You can prepare Kale with almost any other food. We’d advise some white bean soup with kale for the best combination of nutrients.


You must be thinking “I’m on the right track”, well that’s a maybe. You see onions level of nutrition depends on how you prepare them. Fried onions aren’t good for you, onions put through high levels of heat also lose a lot of their nutritional properties. They are best when eaten raw.


You’ll notice a trend on this list, so many greens! Well, we can’t help it, greens are good for you. Don’t avoid greens, they are essential to a healthy diet. A good helping of spinach provides you with fiber and potassium.


They look tiny, but you know there is strength in numbers. Peas taken in large quantities are quite good for you. They pack quite the nutritious punch. You could have peas with other legumes to help with your diet.


Here we go another green as is to be expected. Mom was right to force you to eat that broccoli, it’s quite good for you. There are a number of health and nutritious benefits to broccoli, did we mention the fiber? Yeah, it contains a good amount of fiber (good for your digestive system).


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