5 Reasons You Should Eat Pumpkin

Pumpkins are not only for carving, they can also be quite beneficial to the body too. Here are some reasons why you should eat pumpkin.

It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

These properties of the pumpkin make it good for your body. It can help with stress relief, keeping your organs and joints healthy. It’s just all round good for you.

They contain fiber

Pumpkins are high in fiber and low in calories. Eating pumpkins can help your digestive system, can make you feel full longer and also curbs cravings. The low calories are quite helpful for those on a diet and looking to keep their weight down.

It helps with eyesight

On the whole point of nutrition, pumpkins can help you meet the daily recommended intake of vitamin A. Vitamin A aids in vision and is good for eyesight particularly in dim lighting. You don’t need much of it to meet the recommended intake. A cup of cooked and mashed pumpkins will do the trick.

Increase in Energy Levels

Pumpkins are much better than bananas in terms of increasing energy levels. A cup of mashed pumpkin contains about 564 milligrams of potassium, the refueling nutrient. You can have a cup right after a workout to help your body recover.

Improves Heart Health

Don’t throw out the seeds just yet. We can’t talk about pumpkin without talking about the seeds. The seeds contain iron, zinc, and protein to name a few. All this combined can help lower bad cholesterol which can be good for your heart and your body as well.

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