5 Simple Ways to Eat Mindfully

It’s not hard to over-indulge in food. That’s why it’s important to be conscious of how much food you eat and when you eat it. There are numerous triggers which can lead us to eat because of sadness, happiness or boredom. In order to prevent that, take a look at these tips.

Make sure that you are hungry indeed

Instead of using food for fuel, we are prone to using it for pleasure and comfort. When you see that moment coming, stop for a minute and ask yourself if you are hungry or not.

Focus on your Meal

The best way to eat food is with no distractions and without gadgets. That way, you can be more conscious about the amount of food that you’re eating. Also, you will enjoy your food even more.

Chew Slowly

Eating should be all about fueling yourself, but also it’s important to truly taste every single bite of it. If you slow your eating pace down, your body will digest it better and you’ll know when you’re full.

Be conscious of what you’re eating

Try to cook more at home instead of buying fast food all the time. You’ll provide your body with unprocessed foods that are much more healthy and beneficial for you.

Start Measuring

Having a scale in the kitchen can be a life changer. Many people don’t know how much food they are putting on their plate. Because of that, next time before you eat try putting the plate on a scale first.

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