5 Super Hydrating Foods You Must Have Daily

It’s always important to stay hydrated. The body need s water to function at it’s best. Drinking water every few minutes/hours might be a daunting task for some. We normally drink water only when we’re filling thirsty, which by the way is not a good habit. The good news is that there are some solid foods that can help us keep hydrated. Let’s have a look at some of them.


It holds the accolade of being the solid food with the highest water content. You can take cucumbers more often to help keep you hydrated. Slice it up and mix it in a salad, then you’re good.

Greens Salad

We’d advice having lettuce as part of this salad. The vegetable normally contains 94% water. A properly made greens salad will keep you hydrated and healthy. You also have the added benefit of feeling fuller while consuming fewer calories.


A watermelon is made up of about 92% water thus its name. You don’t need to mix the fruit in a salad. Eating one of them is sure to make you healthier and more hydrated.


These fruits are also high in water content. They are sweet and a good source of hydration. In addition, they contain anti-oxidants as well as folates, which are good in maintaining low blood sugar levels.


Who would have known that vegetables are good for you? We knew and I’m sure you do as well. Celery also has high water content as well as Vitamin C and an abundance of anti-oxidants. It’s a great choice of food to stay healthy and hydrated.


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