6 Best Vitamin Rich Foods For Optimum Health

In order to prevent diseases and protect our health, we must watch our diet. It’s an important part of our lives that need our attention. Without proper nutrition, our body will feel deprived and depleted of energy. This list of vitamin-loaded foods can help you in improving your life’s quality.


The best things you can give your body are green vegetables, especially spinach. It’s loaded with vitamins K, A, B, C, and with protein and fiber.


As a staple of our diet, milk has a big role. It’s loaded with thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B12, all of which contribute to our metabolism and overall health.

Citrus fruits

These fruits contain plenty of vitamin C. This amazing antioxidant protects our body from any kind of infections, gives us energy and improves our mood.


Aside from richness in protein and healthy fats, eggs also contain vitamin D. It promotes the health of the immune system and bones. Just by including them in your breakfast, you’ll see an amazing difference.


A handful of almonds a day can give you the daily dose of vitamins E and C. That way, your cells will be protected from any possible damage. Also, you will get a nice boost from protein and healthy fats.


In asparagus, just like in every other leafy green vegetable, we can find plenty of vitamin K that is significant to our body. It maintains bone strength and is tasked with causing proper blood coagulation.

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