How Can Sitting Cancel The Benefits Of Exercise?

There’s a new saying coming out which says that “sitting is the new smoking.” It’s a recent saying which may have emerged because of our current lifestyles. These days, most people have desk jobs and sit all day while working.

The more time people spend sitting, the greater is the risk of developing diseases. At least that’s according to research. These may include type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer.

Even if you exercise regularly, sitting cancels the positive effects of your efforts. What’s worse, exercise doesn’t reverse all the negative effects of sitting.

This is especially true if you sit almost all day, most days of the week.  Because of this, it’s probably better to reduce your sitting time. Here are some tips for you:

  • When you’re at work, try standing up every 30 minutes. You can do this during meetings, breaks, and even while taking calls.
  • Try finding a desk which will allow you to work while seated or while standing.

  • Find a parking spot far away from your work building. This way, you’ll have to walk further to reach the building or your car.
  • If you ride the subway or the bus to and from work, stand up instead of finding a seat.
  • Working at home on a laptop or computer? That’s okay too. Take frequent breaks. Stand up during those breaks to go to the toilet, do chores or other small tasks.

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