How Many Calories Per day are required to Remain Slim?

Keeping slim and remaining healthy is a top priority for most people all over the world. A question that is often asked relates to how many calories should we be consuming on a daily basis to either lose weight or to keep a slim and healthy body. There is no definite number to accurately answer this question as each individual differs in regards to their body type, height, weight and metabolic functioning.

However, there are averages based on a variety of factors that can assist in determining how many calories you need to achieve your goal. An average woman that aims to maintain her weight should consume around 2 500 calories per day, while a woman trying to lose weight should consume in the region of 1 500 calories each day, in order to lose an average of one pound per week.

On the other side of the scale, the average man maintaining his weight should aim to consume 2 500 calories each day, or 2 000 calories a day in order to lose weight at a rate of one pound in a week.

It is important to make wise food choices in order to maintain a slim figure. Opt for foods that are low in calories but are still filling, to avoid starving yourself. Invest in using a calorie-counting app to track your meals and how many calories you consume and how many you burn through exercise.

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