Simple Ways to Train Harder and Remain Injury-Free

One of the biggest risks of training hard is an injury. We aren’t talking about joint aches and muscle soreness, no! it’s all the about soft tissue injuries to muscles and tendons. There are some things you can do to ensure that you train harder with less risk of injury, let’s have a look:

Avoid Stretching before Workout

You need to know that there are 2 types of stretching. There is dynamic stretching and static stretching. It’s static stretching that’s not good for you. It decreases performance and doesn’t add much to your routine. Stretching is best when there’s more body movement as this gets your body ready for a workout.

 Rest More Often

This might sound counterproductive, but it’s quite important. You need to let your body rest more if you want to train harder. Take it easy after an intense workout (24-48 hrs is recommended). It will allow your muscles a chance to recuperate and grow. In turn, you’ll get back to training stronger than you were.

 Increase Your Load Slowly

Consistency is key when training, but that doesn’t mean that you overload your body. Sometimes we tend to think that we need to carry all the weights in one day. A worthy gesture, but not a good one in the long run. Take it slow, and increase the training level slowly to make sure your body has time to adjust.

 Massage Your Body

Massages can be expensive, but they’re good for your muscles. There’s a reason every professional football team tends to have massages as part of their routine. It’s good for the muscles as it helps promote blood flow thus keeping them healthy.

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