Steps if Your Weight Loss Regime is Not Working Out

Weight loss is a process- a process that has no one fixed format or time period before it can show results. An important point to keep in mind is that everybody’s body and metabolism are different, and that is a common reason why weight loss results vary.

However, sometimes it so happens that even after following a strict diet and a workout regime, weight loss can be a slow and tiring process and is not showing results. Here is what you should do when a regime does not work for you.

Keep a close look at your diet 

Weight loss happens when there is a healthy balance between consuming and burning calories. You might be wondering that even after cutting down junk and unhealthy food from your diet, you are still far away from your weight goal.

What comes to help is to check the portion size of your meals. Even healthier food items, when consumed in excess, lead to a high-calorie diet and a major reason for no weight loss. Portion control is key and balancing out nutrition accordingly. Limit the intake of carbs and add more portions of protein and fiber to your diet.

Stress could be a major factor 

Stress and tension majorly contribute to becoming reasons for slowed down weight loss. Inducing cravings and stress eating, it becomes difficult to focus on following a healthy and balanced diet with tension and high stress levels.

If you feel stress could the reason that is delaying your weight loss, start by taking preventive measures and practice meditation, yoga and try avoiding binge eating while at it. A reduction in stress levels allows you to think actively and thus also makes better food choices and decisions with more flexibility and freedom of mind to work out and exercise.

Lack of or disturbed sleep 

Your body needs adequate sleep to keep metabolism active and running efficiently while giving your body the time to reset and heal. An inadequate sleep schedule affects cortisol secretion- a hormone that is responsible for regulating your diet.

Staying up late hours and sleep deprivation cause you to feel hungrier at night and that is the time when most give in to cravings and exceed the daily calorie intake. Insufficient sleep also causes the body to feel fatigued and tired the next day, making you unwilling to workout, or doing so half-heartedly, and shows direct results

Indulging in too many cheat meals 

Cheat meals are important for they give you the desired mental break from constantly counting calories and resisting food items. They help one relax and rather work as a motivation for the next few days, as they are known to boost mood.

But are you unknowingly indulging in one too many cheat meals? If the answer to it is yes, then chances are you are going off track too soon, and you seldom realize its consequence. Factor in the causes that lead you to take these frequent cheat meals and consciously try to solve them. Set a schedule where you allow limited cheat meals, and decide when and how you want to take them.

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