The Importance of Juice Fasting

A juice fast, also known as a juice cleanse is ideal for initiating a transformation in your health and eating habits. A simple, 3-day juice fast can help to break the cycle of unhealthy eating, that incorporates a lot of refined carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats and processed foods. This is a great way protect the body from foods that are detrimental to its health.

Here are a few ways a juice fast can be beneficial to your body:

Reset your Stomach 

What this means is that you make your stomach work less, allowing it to produce all the right digestive juices and nutrients it may usually struggle with. This helps to reduce acid-reflux and reduces the need for medication.

Cleanse your System

Stress, medication and toxic foods adversely affect the functioning of the intestines. A juice cleanse helps to repair the gut, by balancing the gut microbiome and assisting in the treatment of leaky gut. Phytonutrient-dense, plant-based juices are quickly absorbed through the intestines and help to repair the gut.

Relaxes Liver

Juice fasts are ideal for resting the liver too. Since the liver is dedicated to detoxification, drinking toxin-free juices for a few days can help your liver recover from the toxic overload from toxins that are found in most foods.

Controls Appetite

Juicing also helps to reduce appetite and help you feel satisfied with eating less food than usual. This has a positive psychological effect when it comes to comfort eating.

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