What is Fake Meat and How Good is it?

Fake meat or mock meat has recently taken center stage of attention in the food industry. To define this new food trend, these are alternative meat products that are made using either plant-based protein or cell-based protein.

Arguably so, this food trend brings into two important questions. Are they a healthier alternative to meat? And, are they are better for the environment.

Health implications of mock meat 

To start fairly, both meat and plant-based mock meat come with their own health benefits, and no one of them is completely unhealthy. To take things into perspective, one must know what goes into making these mock meat products as they are increasingly growing in number.

Blindly following a trend might not land the results you are expecting. So, read up the back of the box and watch out for the ingredients. Products made using beans, lentils, seeds, soy provides fiber and, in turn, keep the gut healthy. The other products that may have added sugar, preservative, and inflammatory oils are something you wouldn’t want. Yes, if you are looking for a dietary change and cutting back on regular meat consumption, mock meats are a good option to go ahead with.

Effects of both on the environment 

Quickly labeled and sold as environment friendly, there is no real black and white answer to this. A majority part of research supports that eating plant-based meat helps support the environment and is far more sustainable. This needs to be from a larger perspective.

The reality is that both play a different role in impacting the environment. Animal agriculture accounts for a considerable contribution to global warming and climate change. There is a need to re-look and the current agriculture and consumption patterns. This might have led to mock meat taking the forefront in saving the environment. But, what has to be taken into account is its role to play in the industrial production of plant-based meat. Both animal and plant-based meat emit similar amounts of pollutants during production.

A new food option for consumers 

At the end of the day, it really is about the birth of a third food category taking the market by storm. Veganism and vegetarianism can be well adopted and followed without having to rely on plant-based meat.

This food trend is here to stay as leading food chains are also adapting and offering plant-based menus to cater to the growing demand. In the end, it really is about the end consumer, whether they choose to go meat-free or get into the habit of eating plant-based meat food products.

What forms the conclusion here is that it is important to first learn about any food item or trend. Look at its ingredients, production methods and make an aware decision. Following the path blindly to obtain health results seldom works in your favor. Make a dietary change that is truly sustainable for your health, pocket, and the environment. Start by making smaller changes, and see how it works for you.

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