Why Should You Be Drinking Green Tea Daily?

When we talk about the benefits of tea, there is an abundance of them. But, when we talk about green tea, there are even more. It’s packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It improves your body in every possible way. These four reasons prove why is green tea considered as the healthiest drink around.

Protects from free radicals

Our body relies on us to give it those crucial substances that it needs for proper functioning. By drinking green tea, antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins will protect you from any damage. You will age slower and many diseases won’t even appear.

Contributes to brain function

Green tea contains caffeine that can easily replace your need for coffee. It’s a great stimulant which may very well be the key to your improved brain function. One extra thing is that your mood will be on a much higher level and your memory will be like never before.

Boosts fat burning

Many studies prove that you will have more energy and use it more efficiently if you opt to drink green tea. Also, by drinking it before workouts, your body will be burning much more calories and your metabolism will be faster.

Protects body from cancer

By consuming green tea on a regular basis, you will get all the antioxidants you need. They are the key factor when it comes to fighting cancer. Various forms of cancer have shown a lack of appearance in countries where tea is a diet staple.

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